Sites Accepted by the Program Improvement

Below is a list of all Program Improvement (PI) production sites accepted by MarinTrust. A site MUST appear on the list to confirm that it is in Program Improvement, as well as be listed as an interested in the list of FIPs accepted by MarinTrust. Sites on this list may not use the MarinTrust logo, but may sell products as MarinTrust Improvement Program material. MarinTrust can provide a letter of acceptance of the program as proof if required, although the list below should be considered acceptable. All IP sites must adhere to a regular audit cycle and organize audits at least 60 days in advance. The MarinTrust audit frequency is:

  • Initial factory audit in year 1
  • Annual surveillance audits in years 2 and 3

NB: The following list is regularly updated. If a facility that believes it is in Program Improvement and is not listed, then it may not have been accepted or its acceptance may have been suspended or withdrawn.

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